Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Big Change!

Hi All

Although the blog has been quiet, behind the scenes its been all go and we can now announce our future plans.

Footsore Miniatures is a new venture based in both the USA and the UK. We three friends, Donald Hauser (USA), Andrew Chesney (UK) and Bill Thornhill (USA) are joint owners and all of us are passionate about our hobby (Don so much so that we keep him medicated when new figures are shown for the first time). We aim to bring you the very finest in Historical and Collectible figures and make them available around the world.

Initially we released a small number of packs here in the US so we could get our name out there, but now we are please to make the big announcement that we will be absorbing the Musketeer Miniatures ranges into our Footsore inventory, making the whole catalog available not just in the UK but also in the US for the first time.

Bill has just returned from the UK after helping relocate and set up production equipment with Andrew. Although as you can see from the pic below of Andrew unloading the molds, we have a lots of available figures, we will be releasing these slowly so we can reorganize packs and renew old molds as we go. Bill has an awful lot of mold making to do between sculpting. Also behind the scenes our new website is being built here in the US, which will be much easier to navigate and use than our current one.

Footsore Miniatures will be touring all the major shows in the US and almost all the major and minor shows in the UK. I think Andrew mentioned the number of UK shows at around 36 per year, so you'll find us easily available. The US shows will be hosted by Don and Bill, as those of you who were at Historicon may already know.

We hope those of you who currently fans of the Musketeer Miniatures blog and figure lines will join us at our new home HERE, where we can keep you up to date with our new ranges and releases.

A final thank you to Gripping Beast for looking after Musketeer over the past few years, and especially to our loyal customers who have supported us all this time. You guys are great!!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Big Changes for Musketeer Miniatures

Hello All

Its been a number years since Lord S and Darren at Gripping Beast took over the reins of running Musketeer Miniatures, and in that time we have seen many changes both for myself personally, and for Gripping Beast. I now find myself in the position of being able to take over the day-to-day running of Musketeer once more, and enable Gripping Beast to concentrate their efforts on their many new projects which are keeping them very busy. I'd like to send Lord S, Darren, Roger and Martin my immense gratitude and thanks for helping to keep the Musketeer ranges alive and kicking during this time, and making my move to the US possible. I couldn't have done it without them all so thank you guys.

Musketeer will be opening up in the US as soon as the logistics of transporting molds have been dealt with. The ranges currently available will be released one at a time as production molding takes place over time. I plan to continue production in the UK and this is being worked on at the moment too. Due to the logistics of this part of the reorganization, there may be a period when Musketeer ranges won't be available, but we hope to keep this time as short as possible depending on circumstances. Until then all Musketeer ranges will be still available from Gripping Beast until Sept 30th 2014. 

This will be a large reorganizing and we'll announce more when there are firmer details available. We would like to thank our many customers for their patience during this time.

All the best

Bill Thornhill 
Musketeer Miniatures

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Russian Guard and Sikh Infantry

Just a brief update on the GNW and Sikh Wars. More to come. 

Russian Guard infantry (the officer wasn't finished when I took the pic).

Some of new Sikh Regular infantry. March attack to follow. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Romano-British Warriors

These particular figures were made last year but it seems we forgot to release them. Can't even remember if they ended up as WIP's on the blog. Anyway the idea behind them is for them to be added to the existing Late Romans to give a more Romano Brit look to units. I'm told GB will have them at Salute so pre-order if you'd like some. 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

GNW Armies project begins

Well I've been wanting to do it for a loooonnng time, so now, with my enthusiasm for the period once more ignited, I started a blog to log the building of two armies for the period. it can be found HERE

In the meantime here is a bit of paint porn :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

More GNW (Bored yet??)

Ok so no much left to do and I'm getting nagged for Roman Armoured Horse Archers, so after I've done the Russian Guard I'll have a short break. In the mean time here are the current packs that are on their way for molding.

Grenadier Command. I've only included one ensign in this pack as there is some debate whether the Grenadier Regt's even had standards before 1712. In place of the other ensign there is a character figure in the way of a wounded Grenadier.

Infantry Command with Karpus hats. Officers worn the Tricorn so only the Drummer and NCO needed modifying.

Gripping Beast will have these and all the other packs I've been completing recently at Salute next month.